Couple poses #38 🎄

couple poses #38 🎄

I know the number in the pictrure is wrong. It’s too late now, and I’m lazy. Sorry 😅😅

I tried to represent a lot of different “couples”, even not real ones LOL I imaged using these poses to do some funny Christmas pictures of a story’s characters, even couple that are only shipped XD

  • 6 couple poses + all in one
  • you’ll need MelBennet’s mistletoe (if you find this work misspelled, it’s because I hate it LOL it’s so difficult!)
  • thumbnails and descriptions in game
  • Expressions very much depend on the face of your sims (eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc). All sims are different and you can have different results!

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You may find useful: TOOL mod

early access, free 16dec23


  • Sims4Studio