Newsea Beach Retexture + Streaks


These are not Pooklet colors!

  • 2 packs: naturals and unnaturals solids
  • 36 naturals
  • 80 unnaturals (including pastels)
  • Enabled for males
  • Enabled for every outfit
  • Disabled for random
  • Need original mesh [here]
  • Thumbnails and swatches
  • Swatches codes work with my other retextures


Like my previous retexture, I made an accessory to be used when needed. This way you can make every color combination!! From natural to colorful ones!

  • 2 files, so you can find the accessory under hats and custom makeup
  • 108 colors, natural and unnatural
  • Enabled for Males
  • Enabled for every outfit
  • Disabled for random
  • It works perfectly with this hairstyle (original and retextured), although it may work with some other ones too, depending on how the texture are made.
  • Thumbnails and swatches


Via + SimsFileShare

acc. streaks
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About the Author:

Jade, 24, Italy. I started play sims with The Sims 3 some years ago. Now I moved to Sims 4, altough I still love TS3. I like everything that's non ordinary and I absolutely love sci-fy theme. My poses are made to be used in stories.