Airport mix & match


Request #12

  • 12 couple poses for adults
  • 2 poses for children
  • 2 couple poses for adult + toddler
  • need tickets and passport accessories 
  • poses are compatible with both accessories
  • poses are unisex
  • since accessories are not for children nor for toddlers, I had to find a way around, so…
  • in children poses, is M that has the accessory
  • in toddler poses, in pose 1 the accessory is on F, in pose 2 the accessory is on M
  • M poses used with child and toddler are always the same. 
  • poses are compatible with the computer you see in the photos. I preferred using the computer instead of the cashier so that even those without get to work dlc can use them. If you use bigger computers probably there will be clippings

I had some problems with sims4 studio and I had to recreate the package a lot of times and you know, the more you touch it the more you probably make mistakes 😅 It should be all ok, but if you find something not working please tell me!



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