• 6 single poses + all in one
  • 2 couple poses
  • poses are unisex, no height differences
  • you’ll need this dagger by Natalia Auditore
  • pose 6: you can use it with the pool, the ladder o any other occasion where there is no floor, such as stairs without rails or balconies.
  • pose 5 is designed to be used in a wall edge (but will work even in the other case). It won’t work if there are columns tho, because columns take a lof of space and make the hand disappear. I advise you to delete them or to use the TOOL mod to move the sim around and adapt. 
  • please see the reference image to know where to put the teleport for the wall poses or for the pool pose. I also put detailed instructions in the package too, ad the bottom of the poselist.
  • Expressions very much depend on the face of your sims (eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc). All sims are different and you can have different results!
  • FOR THIS PACK I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING THE TOOL MOD, to adapt the poses to your needs. Link below.

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You may find useful: TOOL mod



  • Sims4Studio