Beach Decosims

BEACH (DecoSims)

I needed some decosims to populate my game during the summer. Almost all other decosims have that orrible bug with shadows, so I made mine.
  • NO STRANGE SHADOWS: my decosims are fully compatible with Reshade and MXAO
  • NO TRANSPARENCIES: all decosims are fully compatible with Reshade and Blur!
  • High Poly!
  • All Lods
  • 5 colors for each pose
  • I made them float on water surfaces, so you can put them easily on floaties, boats, etc. The only one that are not floating are the standing sims, so you can put them in the water. If you want to use a standing decosim on a boat you will have to elevate it with Alt+9 or that combo I don’t remember.
  • Some may reflect light a bit weirdly, depends on where is the source of light. I don’t know why, and I don’t even know how to fix this. It looks like the sim has a black vertical line along the leg (the shadow)… it shouldn’t be much problem, since decosims are made to be part of the background. You can see this in the leg of the sitted blond in the 3rd image of the preview. 
Screenshot are taken with Reshade on, with MXAO and Blur!
Tag me on Instagram if you use them! @akuiyumisim