Decosims Prisoners

Decosims Prisoners

Decosims to populate your Prisons! 3 pose types: standing, laying (on floor or on bed, it is written in the description ingame) and sitting (on a picnic table).

  • NO STRANGE SHADOWS: fully compatible with Reshade and MXAO
  • NO TRANSPARENCIES: fully compatible with Reshade and Blur!
  • 15 decosims x 3 poses each = 45 decosims!
  • Max Poly 13k
  • All Lods
  • 5 colors per each pose
  • In-game thumbnails and icon to quickly show if the sims is laying, standing or sitting (you can see 3 thumbnails in the photos)
  • Tagged for police station

Screenshot are taken with Reshade on, with MXAO and Blur!