Drunk poses – couple


12 couple poses for your drunk sims! They are meant to be used with my previous pose pack of drunk solo poses.
  • You will need the whisky set by MelBennet (stigmata version!!) – Bottle Left and Glass Right. Only the drunk sim uses the accessories!
  • You dont need the deco objects! All the glasses and bottle you see in previews are the accessory (stigmata)
  • Poses made with female frame, I did not test them with male but I think they will work well
  • Poses are to be used with the counter (except the last 2), but you can adapt them to whatever you want (specially the floor ones).
  • Last pose will work with almost everything: couches, beds, even floor.
  • As always, I recommend using the TOOL mod to move the sims around.
  • You will obv need the teleporter and the poseplayer