Emotions: Anger


This is a rework of my old poses. Old ones were from 2016! I think they needed some refreshment! And I took the opportunity to also convert them to children and toddlers!

  • Compatible with old poses: so if you like more a pose of the old ones, you can have both in game!
  • 20 adult/child/toddler unisex poses + all in one
  • Removed sitting poses from adult pack because I will put them in a separate package of sitting emotions
  • last 5 poses for adults and children: I didn’t pose them already against the wall/counter/table. You will have to adjust them placing the teleporter near the surface… or I suggest using tool. Link below.
  • For toddlers: you will need tongue by aluckyday. Keep in mind that sims are different from each other and tongue position may not be perfect. It depends all on how your sim is made.

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You might find useful: TOOL mod



  • Sims4Studio