Family time #1

family time #1

This was intended to be my gift I told you about in one of my latest posts here on patreon, that’s why it’s free for everyone. Unfortunately I discovered (the consequences for never playing with toddlers I suppose) that you can’t pose a toddler on the sea water, just in pools. If you find a way to pose toddlers on the sea, please tell me! 😭

UPDATE: izayoichan on tumblr found a way to use the poses on the sea 😍 “I lifted the statues up from the bottom of the water until they were slightly over the float, then posed them. When they were posed I used tool mod to lower them a bit down so they were correctly on the float”

  • 5 group poses + all in one
  • made for: 2 adults, 1 child, 1 toddler
  • male is slightly taller, but you can’t really see it. So I guess poses could be considered unisex.
  • you will need the Island living DLC to get the floatie
  • just place 4 teleporter statue in the same place, in the middle of the floatie. You will have to elevating the teleporter from the pool bottom until it’s on the water surface
  • you will need a bit of space arount the floatie, so better not choose a small pool
  • as always you’ll find thumbnails and descriptions in the poselist in game
  • Expressions very much depend on the face of your sims (eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc). All sims are different and you can have different results!

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You may find useful: TOOL mod



  • Sims4Studio