Fantasy Deco Sims: Mermaid


35 mermaids to fill the locations of your stories! Each of them has 7 different colors, for a total of 245 people to make your locations alive.

All of them have lods, but beware SOME SIMS HAVE VERY HIGH POLYCOUNT!! That means they may be slow your game. I didn’t bother to turn them down too much since these are not objects for gameplay but for screenshots and stories. For the same reasons I didn’t fix those small issues with some skirts (I don’t even know how to fix them, to be honest), because these sims must be the background and not the main focus, so small imperfections won’t be noticed.

You will find them in statues, or you could simply search in the catalog for “aku fantasy” and you should find all of them.

Some words about the appearances and the outfits…

I made these deco sims for me, for my story. In my story mermaids live in Sulani, they don’t wear a lot of clothes, mainly skirts since they continously go in and out of water. They have a fantasy style but also some modern one. Some outfits are meant to be uniforms. I know that maybe these marmaids don’t fit the common imaginary, but since I made them for myself, why not share? Maybe someone can use them.



There are so many creators I’d like to thank for their amazing work, I’m certain I will miss someone because I used so many cc. I hope you will understand!