FoodTruckDIY themed pack

foodtruckdiy themed pack

This is my first big themed pack. I’m torn between “I really like how it turned out” and “never again” 🤣🤣🤣 One thing is sure: I’m done for november. Seriuosly, I will work on commissions and then maybe only on simple posepacks like today’s one.

And please someone teach me how to create good previews with build-buy items 😭😭 Also forgive me my english terms, I know some are wrong but at this point I’m just too lazy to fix them XD

Anyway, this pack features:

  • 3 trucks “heads”, to use outside the room that will create the food truck! So you don’t have to deal with the rest of the truck
  • 3 different kind of tires, that matches the “heads”. Tires obviously go trough the floor, just put them under the kitchen counter that will be inside the truck. I could have chopped them, but I preferred to leave them intact so you can use them for other purposes
  • ChefStation from Dine Out DLC made basegame and edited, removed the windows, 3 version for each station model (so 6). FUNCTIONAL AS STOVES
  • ChefStation Window from Dine Out DLC made basegame as a ordinary window, not movable in height. ADDED 33 LARGE SLOTS TO THE SHELF
  • Both Cash Registers from Go to Work DLC made basegame as a decorations with no functions. 2 versions: 1 fit in slots, the other is like a statue with a fixed height (compatible with counters). The second version is to be used with the poses I made
  • 9 couple poses
  • Credit card accessory
  • Lunch box accessory

foodtruck POSES

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You may find useful: TOOL mod