Gradient walls 2 – Pride


When I made my first gradient walls in december (these) someone asked me on tumblr if I could make pride gradients. I made them… but I managed only now to make previews 😅😅😅 I always forgot 🙄.

  • 40 colors
  • for obvious reasons, I only made the simpler flags that have no other images in them
  • they are not smooth gradients, I made them this way to better show all colors (with smooth gradients colors would me too much mixed and similar colors would be lost)
  • I admit my ignorance regarding the flags. I don’t know if they are updated, if the colors are in the correct order (I found different versions where one had black on top, for exampe, and in another version black was on bottom) and the wikia I found had way too many flags and only confused me more
  • colors not tagged
  • thumbnail in game
  • Found in paint section



  • Sims4Studio