Llama Ride poses


Poses made for my Llama Decos.

  • 10 couple poses
  • poses are unisex: proof of that is that in blender (and so in the poselist) frames are switched. F is the one who rides the llama, M is the one that stays on the ground. Even if they are unisex, I maintained the F/M references for convenience
  • poses don’t use all decos: just 4. They are indicated in the poselist, as well as where to put the teleporter for each pose
  • need apple acc by Natalia Auditore
  • some poses have a little animation, they will be marked in the poselist with the *
  • as always, you’ll find thumbnails and descriptions in the poselist in game.

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You might find useful: TOOL mod



  • Sims4Studio