Next morning

next morning poses + blanket deco

  • 7 couple poses + 2 all in one
  • you will need this mug accessory by Simmerberlin 
  • you will also need my blanket deco object, you can find it in buy mode under beds or rugs (or search for Aku in the catalog). I suggest to first place the blanket, then the sims. Blanket is created using the double bed from Snowy Escape, but I think will work with any bed that doesn’t have a headboard on the feet.
  • PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that since these are poses with a lot of touching, clipping will most likely happen! They can’t work for all bodies. The closer the body of the sims is to the default, the better they will work!
  • Also expressions very much depend on the face of your sims (eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc). All sims are different and you can have different results!
  • There are 2 files: they are identical, it changes only the name for better compatibily on various pc. Use only one per name.

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You may find useful: TOOL mod



  • Sims4Studio