Reading (sitting) poses


27 poses for sims on sofas/armchair.
You will need:
Just put the teleporter in the middle of and armchair/2x sofa/3x sofa. If you use the TOOL Mod, which I highly recommend, you can use these poses on dining chairs too by elevating the sims.
There could be minor issues with the poses with the hands on the couch. This is because altough all couches and armchair have more or less the same height and shape, they are not 100% the same (let’s not even mention the back and the armrest).
It is “maxis match”: it is the same books as the game ones, so you can mix and match my poses with the ingame animations. Also, you can use the book objects from the game to create stories and story progression (that’s what I needed). I didn’t make all textures, just the ones from university and almost all fantasy ones (magic and herbalism).
FOR POSE CREATORS: the book has the stigmata joint. If you just want the book, you can find it here.


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