Sim Download: Molly


She is a minor character in my story on Instagram and an occasional model for my poses.

Her traits are:

  • goofball
  • outgoing
  • dancing machine

She works as a waitress in a bar/pub, likes high heels and bowling. 

I’d obviously prefer you to keep her as she is, but if you want you are free to do whatever you need with her: change her name, her traits, her story… if you use her on Instagram please tag me! I’d love to see her ^^ 


I included the cc I used in the file, but you can find inside a document with all links. This is important, because what you will download now are files updated at today, 8nov22. If, in the future, something will need to be updated, always check the page of the original creator! Also in the zip below you will find an image for any piece of cc, so you can choose what to install if you do it manually.

I tried to keep ccs at minimum, I don’t personally like to download GB of ccs just to have one sim, so I put custom content only on everyday clothing. 

I will also share the list of the links below, for convenience and credits. Check their pages right now! They all have a lot of incredible ccs! 🥰


I use these default eyes, which I have NOT included in the pack as to not cause trouble (default means that will overwrite EA eyes! And that will conflict with any other default eyes, if you have them installed! You will need to remove them and then install these, if you want to use them!). You can skip this installation and just use your default or EA default, she will simply have the light brown eye-color.