Sim-Ray poses + acc


20 poses for poseplayer to be used with the Sim-Ray accessory I made. Each pose has 5 different expressions: neutral, determined, angry, scared, happy.

The poses have in-game thumbnails.

You will need the poseplayer to make them work in game.


I used the mesh from the Go To Work EP, I don’t know if it will work if you don’t have it, since I can’t test it.

The Sim-Ray comes as right ring in 26 colors, as shown in the images.

poses (adfly + mega)
sim-ray acc. (adfly+mega)
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About the Author:

Jade, 24, Italy. I started play sims with The Sims 3 some years ago. Now I moved to Sims 4, altough I still love TS3. I like everything that's non ordinary and I absolutely love sci-fy theme. My poses are made to be used in stories.