Vampire Dress short


This is my first frankenmesh. The dress is made with the top of Vampires Game Pack and one of the dresses of the Base Game. The dress is Base Game Compatible and comes in 4 colours. I originally wanted to make more colours but I didn’t have much time, so I will share the psd file for those who want to recolour it.

You can do as much colours as you want but please do not include the mesh.

Dress (adfly + SFS)
PSD for recolors (mega-no adfly)
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About the Author:

Jade, 24, Italy. I started play sims with The Sims 3 some years ago. Now I moved to Sims 4, altough I still love TS3. I like everything that's non ordinary and I absolutely love sci-fy theme. My poses are made to be used in stories.