Wall decals


Woohoo double cc this week!

I’m so happy to finally release these!! I was working on these damned things for… well from december!

Have you ever tought “this wall is nice but I wish I could have tiles in the kitchen that blend nicely with the walls… well this is just what inspired me to create these! 

  • 3 styles: bricks, tiles and wood
  • brick have 70 swatches
  • tiles have 64 swatches
  • wood have 67 swatches
  • all swatches are taken from the game (I edited some to fit the square)
  • in the game they snap perfectly either horizontally or vertically
  • mesh is so thin it won’t cause any trouble with 99% of objects
  • these decals DO NOT FADE, so if you take screenshots don’t worry! They will stay there!
  • cost 0 and you can find them in wall decorations both in build and buy categories

THEY HAVE SOME FLAWS, mostly due to game mechanics:

  • since I wanted them to smoothly recieve light, they tend to be a bit darker inside
  • it’s better to use them on walls with no doors, or with high placed windows, since they will clip and show trough the glass. 
  • will become very dark if you put front of them a fridge (same way become dark upper counters)
  • they are 1 tile big, so if you need half tile you will have to resize them. 
  • NOT colour tagged. Sorry, I made these packages so many times I had enough of retag them 😅😅



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