Anger Poses


24 Angry poses for your sims!
The poses are unisex and work perfectly with sims that have sliders close to 0 (standard sims).
Some poses share the same facial expression and have only minor changes (like the look direction).

You need the poseplayer to use the poses!
You need script mods on for the pose player and the pose to work.
To pose the sims on the chair, please use the Teleport Any Sim mod.

If you want to use the sit poses on a chair without a table, put the teleporter statue in the same place of the chair following the game grid.
I you want to use the sit poses on a chair with a table, you will have to manually put the teleporter statue (moving the statue keeping pressed Alt) a the centre of the chair.
Please notice that the sim legs may have clipping issues due to the mesh of tables and chairs you use.

adfly + mega