Vampire poses


I’m so excited to present you the Vampire Project, with the collaboration of awesome artist such as @remussims and @taty86! ♥♥

Skin, skin details and teeth from @remussims, you can find them here.
Makeup and gorgeous dress from @taty86, you can find them here.

I made 10 single poses (with some variations, like always). This time I didn’t make them for the CAS, because some of them didn’t fit quite well (the hanged ones).

Also, I’ve managed to make some couple poses (after a lot of attempts!).

These poses are very old! You’ll have to use the “couch trick” to make them appear as they are intended. Just make the sims sit down on a loveseat, then delete it.

You’ll have the sims standing next to each other. Then you apply the poses. In order to make them work, you’ll have to follow this single rule: the victim stays on the left. Also, if you don’t remember it, I wrote it in the pose description in game XD

You will need: Poseplayer & Teleport Any Sim
You may find useful: TOOL mod


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